Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NECK DEEP Zoltar Speaks

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NECK DEEP Zoltar Speaks Lyrics, singer by NECK DEEP

The wolves don't lose sleep over the cries of the sheep,
They just laugh in their pack as they watch while we bleed
Self-destruction is imminent,
We all show our teeth,
Watch the world fall apart, caught on CCTV

Don't be so blind,
The writing's on the wall
Has been for some time
I've seen the signs, and the worst is yet to come

Whatever happened to another point of view?
When things were looking up and we were headed for change,
Let this sink in,
Wishful thinking
The cracks begin to show and progress starts to slow,
We lost sight of ourselves,
Our egos started to grow,
Let this sink in,
Wishful thinking

If you just opened the curtains you'd see the light,
The fucking lies that they sell and all the shit that we buy,
There's nothing left we can do but stand and fight,
The system they put in place to have your soul in a vice

How did it come to this?
It feels like we're all stuck on a burning bridge
How did it come to this?
The things that mattered most are dead in a ditch
Where did it all go wrong?
Cuz things have been this way for far too long
Where did it all go wrong?

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