Monday, February 13, 2017

SOULFLY Live Life Hard!

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SOULFLY Live Life Hard! Lyrics, singer by SOULFLY

Live it and we learn it
And we breathe it everyday
Sacrificial soul - Embryonic brain
And the gutters and the drains
We seek - No other way
Stop, don't get ahead of yourself
The writing's on the wall - Evacuating hell
Burn the leeches - Stand your ground
Get the fuck out - Let's throw down

Strike fast, strike first
A storm inside of us
Draw blood, first blood
The levee breaks the flood
Old habits, die hard
The living sacrifice
You burn, we burn
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt...

Go hard or go home
Go hard or fuck off
Go hard or go home
Go hard or fuck off


Hey! What the fuck did you say?
Get the fuck out of my way

I stand my ground
Motherfucker let's throw down

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