Tuesday, April 25, 2017


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THE FRATELLIS Boy Done Good Lyrics, singer by THE FRATELLIS

Well, okay, yes
You know I just won't deny it
It's me, and me alone
Who kicked up the riot
I did it for a laugh
You know I did it for a thrill
From the windowsill
I didn't pay my phone bill

Every night I've been looking
Over my shoulder
Got a kickin' once
Because I was older
It was just a bunch of girls
But they were prettier than me
Not especially
They were probably filthy

Stacie Anne lives in my street
She's a waster
I know her face
And the smell of her feet
I can taste her

Loves me not
And talks a lot
And she treats me so unkind
Tangles up my mind
Never shows me a good time

I go out every night
I just don't be lazy
If I didn't treat myself right
You'd think I was crazy

I don't work for money
But I get along just fine
Waste my fuckin' time
Gets myself a new headline

Oh, got big mean hands
And fabulous feet
And I'm gonna hear
A tip in the jar
Got a ten pound note
And a mysterious coat
And a direct line to the bar

You better run
Ah you better run

I'm no angel, I'm just a boy...

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